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Zoom is Not the Only Game in Town for Online Video Mediations

We are all fortunate to have a product like Zoom in our lives.For many of us, Zoom has provided an important lifeline to our personal and professional lives.

But as lawyers and mediators, we need to be sensitive to the fact that a generic application designed for family gatherings and business meetings may not be the ideal platform for meeting the needs of mediators.

I recently had the opportunity to review a relatively new product called Legaler (  Legaler was specifically designed for attorneys and mediatiors.

At it’s most basic level Legaler works like Zoom.

It offers online video, video controls, and chat functionality like Zoom does. It allows parties to be sent to break out rooms, and offers encrypted communications.

There are additional features, however, that are specific to Legaler that will be of great use to mediators, arbitrators, and attorneys:

  1. Legaler allows you to organize your meetings by file or matter. You can then return to them at a later time and all of your earlier communications will be accessible.  This allows you to keep a video mediation going over successive days without having to generate new log in information or recreate prior messages.
  2. Legaler does not require participants to download an application to participate in a meeting. Participants can be sent an email invitation with a link that will take them directly into the meeting room.  This eliminates the additional step in Zoom of having to first download their software program – something that can be a challenge for unsophisticated computer users or users who are on networks that don’t allocate them administrative rights.
  3. Legaler provides for drag and drop transmission of files among participants. This is a particularly useful feature that allows information to be shared with designated participants within the confines of a secure mediation platform.  This eliminate the need for a “two chanel” communication system that relies on both Zoom and e-mail.
  4. Legaler allows for asynchronous communications among participants. This allows participants to be able to continue to mediate remotely through text in a confidential online setting without resorting to email or having a concurrent asynchronous mediation platform like CREK ODR.
Made for attorneys, mediators, and arbitrators

Also, because Legaler is focused on attorneys, mediators, and arbitrators, we can expect further refinements that are specifically directed to us as a user group. And although I have not yet had occasion to test this feature, Legaler advertises that it is able to integrate with legal practice management solutions.

Mediators, arbitrators, and attorneys who are interested in online dispute resolution owe it to themselves to check out this product.  And, it’s free!  During the COVID19 crisis, Legaler is suspending its annual subscription fee.

You can see for yourself at

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